The ultimate office cleaning checklist
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Take charge of your office cleaning with our checklist to deliver a protected, disinfected, and sparkling clean working environment – staff will thank you for the improved productivity, increased confidence and morale, and potentially fewer sick days!

When you manage an office, you will notice how quickly the premises, especially shared areas, can be contaminated by sheer traffic and usage throughout the day.

Regular and effective cleaning and disinfection can literally be a lifesaver. A sanitized office helps motivate employees to work with confidence and increase productivity, while saving money and time that could be lost through illnesses, diseases, and hospitalization.

Office furniture alone can be a host to diverse types of bacteria; think about the times staff have lunch or drink coffee at their workstations. Germs build up from such activities.

How you maintain your office can also speak volumes about your business. Design a thorough cleaning schedule to be adhered to, using the right cleaning solutions for the right areas, and placing a sign to inform everyone that a trusted solution provider has been used.

Daily Office Cleaning
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icon• Surfaces: Make decluttering of surfaces the first task the cleaning staff follows, making sure they know they need to dust all exposed surfaces.

icon• Desks: Use the right cleaning product that kills 99.9%* of germs and helps to keep your desks clean and hygienic. Your cleaning staff can use our recommended product undiluted. They simply need to apply to the dirty area and wipe after 10 minutes with a damp cloth. It will help them remove sticky stains and wipe down drawer handles, switches, office laptops and the computer mouse which can hold bacteria easily.

icon• Floors: If your office is carpeted, have it vacuum cleaned. The cleaning staff can damp mop hard floors with an antibacterial cleaner which can be used with a mop, a more hygienic and professional option to hand-mopping.

icon• Mops: Do a regular check to ensure cloths and mops are washed and disinfected after every round of cleaning. Here is a recommended product which can be used undiluted and killing 99.9% germs.

icon• Glass: It is impossible to ask staff to stop thumbprinting and smudging all over glass partitions! So, the next best thing is to have your cleaning staff armed with a nice spray bottle of Colin! It’ll remove dirt and dust deposited by frequent touching.

Restroom Cleaning
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icon• Replenish: Hand soap and tissues daily.

icon• Bins: Empty and wipe with disinfectant. Lysol will also work well here! One product with multiple applications!

icon• Handles: Commonly used but overlooked, ensure the cleaning staff doesn’t miss disinfecting handles, switches, buttons, and hooks, and has a set regular cycle of cleaning these in a day.

icon• Toilets: Urinals and bowls should be sanitized both inside and out, including wiping down seats and covers, to keep it germ free.

icon• Basin: To be scoured and disinfected.

icon• Floors: To be mopped, disinfected, and dried. Get Lysol surface cleaner ready!

Don’t forget to schedule a regular inspection

After the daily cleaning routine, take a walk around the office, going through each area to make sure that no item on the checklist has been left unchecked. Clock in some steps for the day!

Pantry Cleaning
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icon• Floor: Have this swept daily, so any food droppings are cleaned off. Have this followed by a good mopping with a product that ensures any stickiness or stains are cleaned off.

icon• Trash: Empty twice daily.

icon• Surfaces: Pantry counter tops can get pretty messy over the day (especially after everyone has heated their lunch in the microwave), so decluttering and a wipe down is required several times in the day.

icon• Machines: Clean handles and within coffee machines, microwaves, and fridges to avoid odor and bacteria build-up.

icon• Dishes: Make a schedule for the cleaning staff to wash dishes after every meal time.

Maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in the office requires expertise, which is why many businesses choose Lysol to fulfill their cleaning and disinfecting requirements. Rely on Lysol Pro Solutions, turn your cleaning and hygiene protocol and product ordering into a worry-free task. The new Calculator solves any doubts around what cleaning supplies you may require and roughly in what quantity. An added big plus is that Lysol Pro Solutions protocols and products are so simple to use that they require no complex training.