Protect Your Business And Raise Customer Confidence With The Trusted Hygiene Brand
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Increase customer confidence, protect your employees, and reduce significant business risks, by deploying the Lysol PRO Solutions Program. With its brand power, standard setting expertise, 99.9%1 efficacy in protection from germs, reliable delivery and ease of ordering, it makes maintaining hygiene and cleanliness completely hassle-free and best in class.

1. Leading brand

Ever since, Lysol has become the household name for hygiene, and a benchmark for effective and protective cleaning. Your customers will feel safe when you use a brand that has a trusted standard of germ protection. Studies reveal that 90% of consumers believe that the products they use at home are also appropriate for public places; Lysol is the product for your establishment because it is already a household name in disinfection globally. By choosing the Lysol brand, you will be rewarded with the highest level of germ protection that both your customers and staff recognize and trust.

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2. 99.9% germ kill effectiveness

Protect your spaces with trusted solutions of the highest efficacy.

Our products are proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, helping to make your premises clean for your customers.

Our laboratories have spent decades doing research and we have developed products that can be used safely, while being effective in situations where germ protection is critical. In order to identify chemicals that are effective against a wide variety of germs, we have antimicrobial properties in our products that have been tested as per internal standards.

3. Standard Setting Expertise

Bring scientific excellence in germ protection to your business.

We are the quality your customers can trust. We are a world leader in hygiene with decades of experience, and we have microbiology excellence from our research labs across the globe. When you choose Lysol PRO Solutions, you are choosing a one-stop cleaning solution. It comes with access to industry-specific protocols, and products that have been rigorously tested.

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Our experts develop industry-leading hygiene practices and products, and incorporate training in all our protocols, so your team can fight germs efficiently, effectively, and confidently. All our products are rigorously designed, undergoing important stages in our development process. These include:

• Thorough review of current practices
• Identifying critical hotspots specific to business spaces in your industry
• Identifying harmful bacteria, viruses and germs
• Enhancing your germ protection where it is most critical

Get disinfection protocols, training materials, and effective solutions designed for your business. Try to keep your premises as germ-free as possible so that both staff and visitors can feel assured about being in a clean environment.

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4. Go to Market

Delivering with speed and reliability, and high service standards.

When you choose Lysol PRO Solutions, you can count on reliable delivery due to our extensive distribution network. With industry-leading products that are a trusted level of protection globally, Lysol Pro Solutions helps instill greater confidence in your customers; And speed to market contributes to customers gained.

Our professional representatives assist you in getting custom-built product plans for your particular industry or business, depending on your requirements.

To start off, try our Lysol PRO Solutions calculator that makes it easy for you to find out what you need for your business, leaving all the thinking to our experts.

With just some basic data, such as the floor area and number of washrooms, this calculator instantly recommends an appropriate product bundle in estimated amounts for your business space. The calculator is so easy to use, you can order all the deep cleaning tools you need in minutes. You’ll also get to enjoy easy re-ordering each month with our subscription plans – on top of other special benefits.

Checklist for A Clean and Functional Toilet:

• Get the best office cleaning done with Lysol PRO Solutions, using Philippines’s leading disinfectant brand Lysol, and keep your business operations stable.

• Protect employees against germs and raise their confidence to return to work. 91%5 of office workers claimed that they are more confident to visit offices where a Lysol partnership was in place.

• Our scientific expertise and branding, globally trusted by consumers, can assist you in creating a strong trust for your brand.

• Time is money. Enjoy time and money savings by taking the guesswork out of the planning for your cleaning needs using our Lysol PRO Solutions calculator.

• Our extensive delivery network offers quick delivery with just a few clicks on your computer. Re ordering is also made simple.

• Large offices generally have more public-facing areas such as the reception, lounge and meeting rooms. Lysol PRO Solutions provides expert guidelines for highly exposed surfaces to be disinfected to professional standards.

• A smaller office, filled with staff and guests, gets dirtier quicker with frequent reuse of communal areas. A consult with an expert at Lysol PRO Solutions will help you get a cleaning plan that includes the amount suitable for more frequent disinfection of such office spaces.

Try our Lysol PRO Solutions calculator now to experience just how easy and quick it is to find out what you need for your office space.