Guest behavior change because COVID
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Level of Consumer Concern about Germs while Staying in Hotels

Even with an anticipated increase in travel, consumers are still extremely concerned about germs while staying in hotels


The Power of Partnership Programs

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, some hotel chains are partnering with companies in order to offer cleaning and disinfection in their location. Consumers were asked if this type of hotel program would impact their choice of hotels.

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68% said they would more likely to choose such a hotel
4% said it would not be a factor in their choice
28% said it would have no impact over their choice
Action Steps for the Hotels in a Post COVID World

1. Move to Solutions that Support Your New Protocols

Employees’ expectations of cleanliness, decontamination and hygiene have been heightened. Businesses are already choosing solutions that support new expectations and support new protocols and regulations.

2. Create a Limited-touch Environment

Consider simple hygienic upgrades like placing paper towels or tissues next to restroom exits for use on door handles. Reduce contact with frequently touched surfaces via automatic systems such as sensor-activated door openers and electronic restroom dispensers.

3. Staff Training on Protocols

As cleaning is being stepped up in buildings, it is vital for staff to be clearly aware of new cleaning protocols. You can reduce the risk of cross contamination and infection by raising awareness of the reasoning behind the cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection protocols in place.